Here you will reach nirvana

Are the waiters single?

I'm glad you ask me that question, the answer is yes and no.

Why does Moi have tattooed hands on his neck?

Who is MOi ?.

Has Francesco ever smiled?

It was 2006 and a Tal Zidane gave Materazzi a header, I think at that moment he grimaced.

Are the Kings the Fathers?

What if Leonor, heavy.

What's the smell of clouds?

A jelly bean !!!

Does Christofer deserve a woman like Fanny?

You could see the truth coming, being a bullfighter as he is.

If a train leaves the downtown area and another in the San Juan area at the same speed, where will they meet?

How silly, Alicante has TRAM. You almost caught me.

Would you know how to make a square root?


Can I buy the shirts from the waiters?

Yes! They are at your disposal in your favorite bar La Zona Social Bar.

What weighs more than a kg of straw or an iron straw?

If the iron straw is plastic, the kilo of straw is much more.

Why are the hairs on a brush called bristles?

There you have given me. I do not know.

Can I choke myself by holding my breath?

The truth, I am still alive but the urban legend says that you can explode a vein, nor will you stay cross-eyed watching TV closely.