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Balmis 22 SL, guarantees that ...

Your personal data is protected in Balmis 22 SL

You control your personal data.

You can delete your data whenever you want.

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The RESPONSIBLE for your data is:

Balmis 22 SL,

Calle del Cid, 22, 03001 Alicante (Alacant) Bajo Izquierda

CIF B nº 54744735


Telephone: +34 966 27 17 41

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In order to provide you with our services, Balmis 22 SL needs to collect certain information about you and in this Privacy Policy we describe what information is collected about you, what treatment you receive and how you can manage and control the use of this information.

By using or interacting with the Service, you enter into a binding contract with Balmis 22 SL and accept the use of your information as explained in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the Service.

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Balmis 22 SL, may collect and use information about you, which includes information of the following types:

(a) Identifying information (for example, name, username, address, postal code, telephone number, mobile telephone number, email address, identification document, organization in which you work and position therein).

(b) Profile information (for example, age, sex, country of residence, language preference, areas of legal specialty and any information you decide to put in your Balmis 22 SL user profile)

(c) Electronic identification information (for example, IP addresses, cookies).

(d) Bank and payment information (for example, credit card information, account number).

(e) Quality of the search and results of the surveys.

(f) Information about the interaction and use you make of the Balmis 22 SL Services, our products and websites, including connection, platform, device and equipment information; information on customer performance, bug reports, device capacity; bandwidth; page view statistics; traffic from and to our websites; usage statistics.

(g) Products or services contracted

(h) Correspondence between Balmis 22 SL, and you.

(i) Information on the searches carried out and the documents that have been accessed. Information about your interactions with documents (for example, bookmark, print, add notes, select snippets)

(j) Number of users in your Organization

(h) The recordings of the telephone calls in which the Commercial Agents and / or the Customer Service Services intervene.

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We collect information about you by different means. In some cases you will contact us to share your personal information, and in others we collect your personal data using other means. Below we explain the different ways in which we collect personal information about you:

-Information that you provide us: We collect the information that you provide us through our website, email, or mobile phone when you make a reservation, contract one of our services or purchase one of our products, when you fill out a form or others. In any case, at the time you give us your data, you will be informed of the person responsible for the treatment, its purpose, the recipients of the information, as well as the way to exercise the rights granted by current legislation on data protection.

-Information that we collect from your visit to our websites: We collect and store limited personal information and anonymous global statistics of all the users who visit our websites, either because you actively provide this information to us or are simply browsing our websites. The information we collect includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device you are using, the navigation program you are using, your operating system, the date and time of access, the Internet address of the website through which you accessed our websites and also information on how you use our websites.

We use this information to find out the loading time of our websites, how they are used, the number of visits to the different sections and the type of information that most attracts visitors. It also helps to identify if the website works correctly, and if we detect failures or errors in operation, fix them and improve the performance of our websites, in order to offer a better service to all users.

This information is collected through cookies. For more information see the cookie policy.

-Social networks: Balmis 22 SL, is present on social networks, which are another way to collect your information. The information we collect through social media sometimes includes personal information that is available online and to the public. We always make sure that all the information we use is attributed to its source correctly or is made anonymous. These social networks are likely to have their own privacy policies, through which they will explain how they use and share your personal information.

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The main reason we collect your personal information is to facilitate and improve the service that you as a customer expect from us.

We collect your personal information to manage your reservations, purchase orders or requests that you make to us.

Our main objective is to provide the user with a safe, efficient, personalized and seamless experience.

Below we include the main purposes for which we request your data in our company:

change and customize the functionality and characteristics of the Balmis 22 SL Services
take, process or deliver Purchase Orders or reservations made through our websites; bill you or notify you of the status of your order or reservation.
provide other services (as indicated when collecting the information)
provide you with customer support and troubleshooting
compare information to verify accuracy
inform you of service failures and updates
ask for your opinion or participation in electronic surveys
resolve disputes
verify your identity
personalize, evaluate and improve the Services of Balmis 22 SL, and its Contents
improve our search function and results ranking algorithm
organize and carry out offers or promotional or marketing operations for Balmis 22 SL, its affiliates or companies with which it reaches a commercial agreement
protect your interests and those of Balmis 22 SL, which specifically includes demanding compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Balmis 22 SL, fighting against abusive use and avoiding it
The legitimacy for the use of your data comes from several reasons: the fulfillment of a contract and / or commercial relationship, the fulfillment of different legal obligations, security reasons, fraud prevention, improvement of our services and products through studies of market, management of requests, queries or possible claims, sending offers, with your consent.

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Except as specified below, Balmis 22 SL will not sell, rent, market or transfer any type of personal or traffic information or the content of communications outside of Balmis 22 SL, and its affiliates and subsidiaries controlled by it without your permission. explicit, unless you have the obligation to do so in accordance with the laws in force or as established by the competent authorities.

Balmis 22 SL, may disclose personal information to respond to legal requirements, protect our legal rights or defend ourselves from lawsuits, protect the interests of Balmis 22 SL, fight fraud and demand compliance with the policies of GASTRO PORTAL or protect the rights, property or safety of any person.

In order to provide the user with the products of Balmis 22 SL, that you have requested, Balmis 22 SL, may, in some cases and if necessary, share your personal information with subsidiary companies and affiliates and / or with service providers that are partners of Balmis 22 SL In all cases Balmis 22 SL, will require said third parties to take the necessary organizational and technical measures in order to protect their personal and traffic information and respect the corresponding legislation. Examples of companies with which Balmis 22 SL can share your personal information are:

Distributors of the Services of Balmis 22 SL
Billing companies (automatic billing platforms)
Payment processors
Companies to which the Customer Service or Call Emission and Reception subcontracts
Credit or anti-fraud reference agencies and Insolvency Files
Banks and financial services companies
Marketing and Public Relations companies, including email delivery companies and Analytical Services companies
Datacenters and Hosting Companies, such as Amazon Web Services, LLC (USA)
Collection Companies
Online Advertising Companies, such as Google, Inc. (USA)
In some cases, we may communicate your data to other companies in the GBalmis 22 SL group, so that they can offer you their products and services, for which we explicitly request your consent.

Some Balmis 22 SL Services may be co-branded and offered together with or through associated companies. If you use or subscribe to such Services, you are informed and accept that Balmis 22 SL, and the associated company use the personal information collected in relation to the co-branded product. Balmis 22 SL, offers its products in connection with other websites or services, or can partner with other Internet services to offer the result of a combination of products and services, or additional benefits and services. To determine if the combined option may be useful to you, once you have given your consent, Balmis 22 SL, you can check your email address and the email addresses of your contacts with the email addresses that you have provided to the service provider or third party websites.

Balmis 22 SL, and its affiliates may supply personal information to a governmental, judicial or security authority that requests said information in accordance with the law. Balmis 22 SL, will provide reasonable collaboration and information to respond to said request and, hereby, you are informed in this regard.

The information collected or sent by Balmis 22 SL, can be stored and processed in the European Union, in the United States or in any other country where there are Balmis 22 SL facilities, or its affiliates, subsidiaries or service providers. In this sense, or in order to share or disclose information as indicated in this article 4, Balmis 22 SL, reserves the right to transfer information outside the user's country. By using the Services of Balmis 22 SL, and the websites of Balmis 22 SL, or the products of Balmis 22 SL, you expressly authorize such transfer of information outside your country.

As Balmis 22 SL continues to expand its business, Balmis 22 SL will be able to buy or sell subsidiaries or business units. In those transactions in which Balmis 22 SL, or practically all of the assets of Balmis 22 SL, were acquired by a third party, the personal information of the users of Balmis 22 SL, will generally constitute one of the transferred commercial assets. We reserve the right to include your personal information in any such transfer to a third party.

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In the event that we provide links to websites that are not operated or controlled by Balmis 22 SL, you will be promptly informed of this, since Balmis 22 SL does not have any control over said sites nor is it responsible for their content. Nor does Balmis 22 SL, have control over the way in which third parties collect and use your personal information, nor is it responsible or offers any statement on the websites of third parties. These websites surely have their own privacy policies, through which they will explain how they use and share your personal information. We recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies before using these websites to ensure that you are happy with the way your personal information is collected and shared.

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Sometimes the legal information databases can incorporate person names or other personal data that are an intrinsic part of the legal or legal content and, which are also published by public or government sources accessible to the public, who originally published said documents. . Balmis 22 SL, is committed to complying with the personal data regulations of each country or jurisdiction, therefore it deletes this personal data at least in those cases that are required by the regulations in force in the country where said document has been published. However, if you believe that, by mistake, a personal data that should have been deleted has not been deleted, or that a document cites your name or other personal data, and that this causes damage, we invite you to contact us. Contact the Privacy Department and we will study your case with the utmost diligence, taking into account, among other criteria, the legislation of the country in which you are located.

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The user's profile is the information you provided when registering, which appears in your Balmis 22 SL account,. It can include your username, full name, address, landline and mobile phone numbers, country, language, areas of legal expertise, and any other type of information you choose. You can access your user profile in the Balmis 22 SL Service, to view, correct or complete information, delete non-mandatory information and to consult the privacy settings related to your profile information.

These are some of the precautions that you must follow when managing the registration of your profile:

-Do not provide the username or password to anyone.

-Do not record these data in easily accessible places.

-Always use our security system.

-Disconnect the browser session after having accessed a security zone or after entering your username or password in the system.

If you are a minor, please do not try to register as a user of our websites, applications or products. If we detect that we have mistakenly obtained personal information from a minor, we will delete that profile and its information as soon as possible.

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Balmis 22 SL, must take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information and search information that was provided or collected, with due compliance with the corresponding obligations and exceptions under current legislation. Only authorized employees of Balmis 22 SL, or its affiliates, subsidiaries or service providers who need access to such information may be able to access the user's personal information or traffic information in order to fulfill their job duties.

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The Balmis 22 SL Service allows you to send a document by email. In case you want to use this service, a web page will open containing a form in which you can add one or more email addresses. The information entered in this form will only be used to automatically send an email message to these users, not incorporating them into their databases, nor using them for different purposes or transferring them to third parties. By entering your email address, you confirm that the recipient has authorized their data to be provided. In the message we send to the recipient, Balmis 22 SL, will identify you as the person who sent the shipment and your name, email address or telephone number may be included.

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Balmis 22 SL, may occasionally request information about your experiences, in order to use it to evaluate and improve quality. At no time will you be obliged to provide such information. All information that you submit voluntarily through the website comment forms or any survey in which you participate will be used for the purpose of analyzing such information and improving the Services of Balmis 22 SL, and other websites and Balmis 22 SL products

Balmis 22 SL, may contact you to send you messages about failures or service problems.

Balmis 22 SL, based on your legitimate interest, may use the phones provided, emails, FAX and the Balmis 22 SL Service itself, to make promotional communications for the Products and Services of Balmis 22 SL, its affiliates and business partners. and to notify you of any claim related to the use or payment you make of Balmis 22 SL, the Services or websites of Balmis 22 SL, you may also use email, SMS or the Balmis 22 SL Service, to keep you updated on news from the Services of Balmis 22 SL, or provide you with other information related to Balmis 22 SL

If you registered for the co-branded Balmis 22 SL products or use these products, the communications you receive may be from our partner company, who acts on behalf of Balmis 22 SL

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You have the right to access and modify your personal information when necessary. You can view or modify part of your information on the Internet by logging into your account page at Balmis 22 SL Within a reasonable period and once your identity is verified, we will respond to your request to view, correct, complete or remove your personal information.

Balmis 22 SL, will make all reasonable efforts to comply with requests for the deletion of personal information, unless it must be retained by a legal requirement or for lawful commercial purposes.

At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as, where appropriate, the right of portability and limitation of treatment, contained in the RGPD (EU) 216/679, by contacting our addresses and telephone numbers.

In any case, you can contact the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, to start the appropriate procedures in defense of your rights.

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Balmis 22 SL, will keep the user's personal information as long as necessary to: (1) comply with any of the objectives mentioned in this Privacy Policy, (2) comply with current legislation, regulatory requirements and relevant orders of competent courts , or, in any case, (3) for a period never exceeding 10 years from the end of the contractual relationship with the user.

Balmis 22 SL, will take the appropriate technical and security measures to protect user information. By using the Services of Balmis 22 SL, you are informed and accept that Balmis 22 SL, may save searches, consulted documents and interactions with the Services as described above.

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Occasionally, we may use SaaS applications or host your data on servers outside the European Economic Area. In these cases, we always make sure that these providers are located in countries with an adequate level of protection and offer guarantees of compliance with European regulations on data protection, and in particular, the RGPD. For transfers to the USA, we will always work with providers that adhere to the Privacy Shield EU - USA.

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In some cases, Balmis 22 SL will update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our Services and customer comments. When we publish changes to the Privacy Policy we will update the “last revision” date at the bottom of the Privacy Policy. If there are significant changes to this Privacy Policy or how we will use your personal information, we will notify you by posting a visible notice of such changes prior to their implementation or by directly sending you a notice. You agree that your continued use of the Balmis 22 SL Services, after being notified, constitutes your acceptance of the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you periodically review this Privacy Policy to find out how Balmis 22 SL collects, uses and protects your information.

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To contact Balmis 22 SL, regarding the "Balmis 22 SL" brand Services, send your request for assistance to the customer support team:

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In the event that you contact us through any of our contact forms, information request or through our chatbox, the purpose of the treatment of your data will be to respond to your query in order to provide you with information of interest about the activity of Balmis 22 SL, and inform you about our products and services, and we can do so by contacting you electronically or by phone.

We may also contact you to inform you of news, offers or promotions of Balmis 22 SL, through these same channels (telephone and electronic) based on our general corporate interest.

We will not use your data for other purposes or transfer it to third parties in any case.

The data related to your inquiry or request for information will be kept for the time necessary to respond to your inquiry, and to meet our legal obligations. In no case for a period of more than 5 years from your inquiry.

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You have the right to have control over the personal information we collect. In this way we also ensure that it is accurate and truthful.

You have the right to obtain access to your personal information, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In certain circumstances, and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your data. Your personal information will no longer be processed for those purposes for which you have expressed your opposition. In the same way, you can exercise the right to limit the treatment of your personal information, asking us to keep it.

You can contact us at our address, attaching a photocopy of your ID, at any time and free of charge to:

-Revoke the consents granted

-Get confirmation about whether Balmis 22 SL is treating personal data that concerns the user or not.

-Access your personal data.

-Rectify inaccurate or incomplete data.

-Request the deletion of your data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

-Get from Balmis 22 SL, the limitation of data processing when any of the conditions provided in the data protection regulations are met.

-Get human intervention, express your point of view and challenge automated decisions.

-Request the portability of your data.

-Interpose a claim regarding the protection of your personal data before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection at the address calle Jorge Juan, number 6 in Madrid (28001), when you consider that Balmis 22 SL, has violated the rights that are recognized by the applicable regulations on data protection.

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