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Alicante, Spain and the world, a new proposal with all the essence of La Zona but with renewed airs has just been born in Playa de San Juan , on Avenida Costa Blanca 128.

+34 966 17 37 49

Reasons to visit us


Pet friendly

Sexy waiters


In Lazona we are a winery for ESTRELLA GALICIA beer, gourmet and craft beers.

Find your favorite!

Your pet will be the same or better received than you in our premises, and will be able to play with our empress .

(Lazona Dog)

Do you know where the best atmosphere and the sexiest waiters in town are?


Nazis and goblins are not allowed in our establishments.

Remember! If you are a goblin look for another place, we are sorry.

La Zona Social Bar Alicante

We have created an irresistible urban picnic, where you will start the afternoon and end the night in the blink of an eye.

The best atmosphere in a terrace made by and for you!



Without losing the essence of the gourmet battle , we have accommodated dishes with a Mediterranean essence and TERRETA.

A wide variety of dishes for all tastes, ages, colors and flavors.


La Zona Social Bar, fotografía de la plantilla


Automatically upon entering the Area, you are already part of our family.

We want you to enjoy, eat well and have a very pleasant moment worth repeating.

We are lucky to have the sexiest waiters in town on staff to take care of this.

Our best sellers

Our menu

Top Starter

From Murcia with love!

Quite a classic of achopijo gastronomy, ideal to start a meal.

Top Cocktail
Vander mule

Dedicated to Pablo!

Ginger-based cocktail, fresh in a copper glass.


La Zona Social Bar
Top Meat
Iberic secret

Meat lover?

We could not be less, 100% Iberian confit secret and passed through the plate.

Tender tasty and special!

Comida La Zona Social Bar
Top Cap

Call them what you want!

I don't know

Cocretas or croquettes, 100% handmade, double battered and accompanied by bechamel

I don't know

We can all indulge in a whim!

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